No injustice
on our watch.

Protecting reputations, businesses, wealth and individuals.

Disputes are in a way, inevitable. In the cut and thrust of the real world, it is how you solve them that counts.

We believe every dispute between super competitive but reasonable businesses or people is capable of being mediated to a successful outcome. That is our philosophy and why we work so hard to achieve our goal of successfully settling disputes.

It is often possible, even when the dispute starts with an extremely unreasonable, combative mindset.

The consequences of not reaching an agreement are disastrous. It opens the door to many potential injustices.

A mediated settlement avoids the potential disaster of an outcome that is imposed on you. A mandated course of action you may not agree with or like.

Other repercussions are simply unnecessary and can be unjust: the prospects of drawn-out, costly legal action, lost profits, and the hidden costs of excellent calibre people concentrating on a negative situation. Perhaps lost jobs or worse still, a lost business. These are all unjust outcomes and we must fight to ensure they do not happen.

It is not enough to have the right mindset or philosophy. You also need a finely-tuned process and a team with a top-notch skill set if you are going to turn this situation around. With the precise mix of people and process, there is no reason disputes cannot be settled. This is why we created Justice For All mediation relief.

Learning from experience, even if bitter, and challenging the status quo, then striving for better solutions is in our DNA at Justice For All.


is your secret
weapon —

Arm yourself to secure the future

Our process was developed out of necessity.

We were involved in common disputes – ones that others have had to go through as well. However, in the fast-paced entrepreneurial world we simply had no choice: solve them quickly without legal intervention or go out of business.

Through the necessity of solving varied disputes, we were able to develop a carefully laid out, repeatable process that works.

The process has equal measures of strategic thinking and fact-based detailed analysis, with the opportunity for creative problem solving, negotiation, and the ability to implement the solution with appropriate incentives.

The right process came from the do-or-die necessity to resolve disputes, combined with the outstanding talent we had available at the time. We soon understood having the talent pool with a combination of rigorous analysis and entrepreneurial creativity allowed us to develop a unique system.


We’ve been
where you are —

The right blend of rigour and entrepreneurial experience

Ourbackground distinguishes us​: ​first-class strategic, analytical, and fact-based financial skills. Combine this with our tenacity and creativity from cutting our teeth in the entrepreneurial world where you don’t take no for an answer – instead, you innovate.

We have bold ideas that enlarge the proverbial pie and then create outcomes that everyone agrees with. They agree because our solutions are not vanilla – they push the boundaries of “the norm” and allow everyone to win.

Negotiation is your opportunity to create a fair outcome for yourself. We’re not afraid to challenge the status quo so your needs are heard and met.

Once the solution is found we can help implement it and sell it, if required, to stakeholders.

We are a powerful force to have in your corner because we use our unique and varied experience and skills, perfected at some of the finest organisations in the world ranging from The Virgin Group to McKinsey, large corporations to start-ups.


You don’t
have to go
it alone —

We Fought, We Won.
Now We’re Helping Others

If you like what you read, please ​reach out, even if you are just looking for a bit of guidance. As fair-minded people, if we can help we will and if not, we will point you in the right direction.

Settling a dispute can be a pathway to greater freedom and profits. Let us help you stabilise your future and at the same time we could also save you many months – possibly years, of stress and wasted money.

We’ve been there. We get it. We can help.