About us.

The skill and creativity to smartly settle.

We are a powerful force to have in your corner. Our specialized and varied experience and skills perfected at some of the finest organisations in the world ranging from The Virgin Group to McKinsey, large corporations to start-ups.

Our entrepreneurial backgrounds make us street smart. We are quickly able to identify critical issues and determine what is required to find a fast solution. Our technical skills allow us to analyse, understand, and identify the profit drivers of the position using fact-based analysis. Our business acumen lets us readily understand the true reasons for the disagreements in an edgy competitive business landscape. Then we use our creative experience and ability to find practical win-win long-term solutions that are typically not vanilla.

We are excellent negotiators. We’re innovative and we’re not afraid to challenge the status quo. So, once the solution is found we can help implement it and sell it, if required, to the stakeholders.

It is this distinct combination of skills that we can put to work for your benefit.


We are
not lawyers —

We’re businesspeople. We’re not lawyers or accountants. This means we’re equipped with some very useful skills that closed and rigid professions do not always have:

  • The street smarts to get to the issues quickly and efficiently with minimum fuss.

  • An innate ability to understand the economic commercial motivations of decisions and actions in the battlegrounds of the business world.

  • Intrepid conviction. We are not easily intimidated. You can’t frighten us off with tough talk or legalese.

  • The commercial, strategic, and analytical knowledge required to quickly understand and reconstruct accounts and cash-flows, organisation charts, dissect emails and understand the picture they paint within a strategic framework.

  • Tenacity from cutting our teeth in the entrepreneurial world where you don’t take no for an answer. This combined with the typical entrepreneurial trait to find creative solutions.

  • Familiarity with challenging the status quo. We don’t just accept things the way they are.

  • The drive to find a lasting solution that secures the future.

We’ve been
where you are,
and we won —

Put our experience to work.


Just like you, we’ve found ourselves either personally or within companies where all seems lost in a significant dispute. We know what it’s like to be at an impasse where frustration is at its highest, and all seems to be pointlessly heading to a disaster. The situation most certainly will lead to lost profits and significant costs from litigation. There is also the stress, lost time, perhaps lost employment or, in a dire situation, a lost business. Time that should be spent on positive initiatives securing the future. That is why it is so frustrating and stressful. But we found a win-win solution to successfully fight back. The practical experience we gained has allowed us to define a process that settles disputes using the right skill sets. It’s invaluable to anyone in the same situation.

We care and are passionate about helping people. We are sensitive to the situation and the heightened emotions at a time when very significant decisions are being made. We look objectively and search relentlessly for fair and reasonable outcomes.

We can save you costs legal or otherwise. We also save you time and stem the losses or increase profitability because we know what it takes to get the job done.

Get in touch and we’ll quickly assess if we’re the right fit to get you through this temporary setback. Get back into business where you belong, with your reputation intact.