we work.

Rules of engagement and fees.

We’re straight shooters. We have five simple rules of engagement:

  • We will engage if we believe we can add value, and you agree the value is there. If we don’t agree, we’ll go our separate ways, but we always try to leave providing some guidance.

  • We work exclusively for you. We will communicate and work directly with you, not via a third party.

  • We care deeply for the people involved in the disagreement. Using our core skills, we take a very straightforward approach to get a fair outcome for all involved.

  • We maintain complete confidentiality before, during and after the engagement. This also includes confidential information supplied by any party during the mediation.

  • Whenever possible, we will leave you with our strategic thoughts on your business outside the dispute as a gift.

Fees —
Save time
and avoid undue stress.

We work on a retainer basis, paid monthly in advance. Before agreeing to the retainer amount we define the scope of work by understanding the nature of the dispute, what a successful outcome looks like, and agreeing on the work plan.

As a commercial organisation we charge accordingly, however by cutting through the red tape and focusing on the critical issues, we can make a real difference and potentially save a substantial amount of money from lost profits, time and sanity. In a worst-case scenario, we can help avoid the horrendous costs – financial and otherwise, of a drawn-out legal process. We know we can help because we have been able to do this in many different scenarios and for ourselves.

Please reach out, even if you are just looking for a bit of guidance. Fees can be discussed later.

Don’t lose the opportunity to successfully resolve matters which can potentially save yourself years of stress and allow you to focus on moving forward.