A Rigorous Approach With A Touch Of Entrepreneurial Flair

We have developed an approach to settle mediations successfully. Our unique skill set allows us to approach each mediation with confidence.

These are the six broad steps we have developed:

Dispute —

Gain a 360° view of the situation.

First, we get a complete understanding of the dispute. The history of the relationship between the parties, what drove the parties together in the first place, the circumstances surrounding the dispute, and the causes of the dispute. Understand each parties’ view on what would make a successful outcome and how they could, if possible, work together successfully in the future.


review —

Take a tactical and discerning stance.

Once we thoroughly understand the dispute we take a step back and give a strategic review of the position. This will include how both parties are trying to move forward with their individual strategy and the role their current relationship has in this larger landscape.

Can working together help them attain their strategic goals? What are the alternative strategies available, if any? We will understand in detail the economic incentives that drive each parties’ decisions.


Analyse —
phase one

Gather the facts and create alternatives.

It is not enough to have a strategic umbrella. We also need a fact-based understanding of the position. Some disputes and implications may be very straight forward but others can be complex, involving a great many people and companies with far-reaching consequences. We have a menu of analytical tools ranging from organisational positioning, understanding economic incentives to financial and cash flow analysis, with much in between. We continue to dig until we have the right level of understanding of the financial consequences. Then we examine the cost-benefit of settling the dispute through varied alternatives.


Analyse —
phase two

Build the ‘what if’ model.

Once we have a detailed understanding of the strategic and financial position there is one additional piece of modelling we undertake. We will develop a unique sensitivity tool or ‘what if’ model which greatly assists in getting everyone to agree to a solution. This tool works in real-time and allows you to understand the after-tax financial implications of any proposed outcome. Using this tool, any offers made during meetings can be quickly and easily understood by both parties right there and then.

We use our unique ‘what if’ tool to choose the most promising path forward. It helps narrow down the options to those that are financially viable, fast-tracking the process side of the mediation.


Finding the solution —

Unconventional Options. Uncompromising Solutions.

Now we heavily cash in on our entrepreneurial backgrounds and creativity to develop options that, to be quite frank, often pass others by. We are innovative and not afraid to challenge the status quo.

We think expansively: We examine the wider picture to identify ways to make the potential profits as large as possible, greatly increasing the chances of a successful mediation.

We think creatively: We conceptualise several divergent solutions and walk through them analytically to understand what could work. We work hard to develop new ideas, or combine great ideas, so you get options that are smart and rational.


Implement —

Right action for resolution.

Once we have a solution the job is not quite done. We need to ensure both parties are satisfied, and that they can and will implement it. The solution may be very straightforward or more complex. We are excellent negotiators, so once the solution is found we can help sell it, if required, to the stakeholders and implement it. Critical to this part of the process is ensuring the right economic incentives are in place for all parties.


improvements —

Safeguard from future missteps.

It is in our nature to constantly push ourselves by combining our creative and analytical prowess to look for new ways of doing things. We find subtle advantages and any profitable opportunities. Given the work we have done, it is likely we will have ideas for you. As “icing on the cake,” and at no extra charge we will present you with our thoughts on any potential improvements, recommendations and profitable opportunities that have occurred to us during the process. It is our gift to you.

This process is completely dependent on having access to the right skill set. A process is a process, but it is the input and output that resolves the conflict. This is another critical point of difference for us; we have the right combination of entrepreneurial and technical skills to get to the right solution and implement it successfully. That is a very big part of why we feel we are ideally placed to successfully mediate disputes. It’s why our approach works.